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Signet ring

A man visited me because he wanted to buy two simple tensegrities (the icosahedron-type, see well-known).

I know that a tensegrity symbolizes quite a lot of virtues and values so I always ask people why they want a tensegrity and in this case I asked him if there was a special reason why he wanted to buy two. "Yes," he said and he gave me a perspective I had never thought of before. "In fact I want one normal tensegrity and one unassembled. So only the loose struts and strings." Now I really got curious.
"I'm a member of a certain Christian group that doesn't believe in evolution because we believe that God is the creator of this world. Soon, I shall attend a meeting in which I'm asked to give a small presentation. In this presentation I shall bring along a cardboard box and I'll show the people these six struts and this bundle of strings. And then I'll throw them all in the box. Then I'll shuffle the box firmly for a minute and in the meantime I'll ask the audience what they think it implies when you believe this world is created through evolution. Finally I'll take out your real tensegrity I had already put in the box before my presentation..."

tensegrity 056
tensegrity 057
tensegrity 058
Marcelo Pars