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Arm chair

The reverse side of this tensegrity is even nicer than the front.

In general, tensegrities are hard to calculate. In "traditional" tensegrities the complication lies within the configuration of the compression elements (struts). Examples of "traditional" tensegrities are towers, arches and balls. This tensegrity is relatively simple, its complication lies in the variation of the strutlength.

tensegrity 060
tensegrity 061

Tensegrities are constructions made by simple sticks and strings, but the complicated way they are connected make these structures fit in the computer era.

Bob Burkhardt has studied tensegrities more than 20 years. He is not only familiar with the most complex structures but he is also a computer expert. He has made several 3-D computer animations, including one of this structure. On his site Dynamic Tensegrity Views one can choose several different 3-D-viewers. After choosing a viewer one can watch The Empty Chair (Marcelo Pars) for instance. One can zoom in and turn the structure around. It's still not the real thing, like having the structure in your hand, but I think it's next best.

tensegrity 062
Marcelo Pars