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A small part of a DNA string.

All elements exactly in place, without distortion. Maybe they (struts and strings) look small and not very special individualy, but together they form something great.

I guess they know that "working together" is not a general phrase as we might use in a team building session. They know that working together is standing side by side and taking eachother by the hand. Hold it firmly, without ever loosing strength and despite having opposite characters.

Individually they might look small and unimportant but we should make no mistake about it: They are all experts, specialized in their function. Actually, they are made for the job. Nevertheless they will never show off and try to be bigger than the others, nor will they show false modesty and shrink.

Probably their creation is something even they had never dreamed of.

tensegrity 188
tensegrity 189

This sculpture symbolizes only a small piece of the DNA structure, but it would be nice to make a huge one that could hang in a corridor of a university or museum or even a hospital or railway station. In order to give tensegrities a publicity boost it would be nice to make the longest sculpture ever.

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tensegrity 193
tensegrity 194
Marcelo Pars