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This tensegrity is also shown on the page architectureof this website, because this configuration has a few characteristics that makes it attractive for technical purposes. Most typical advantage compared to other tensegrities is that the struts form two perfect squares: one at the inside and one at the outside of the construction.

tensegrity 183

Another advantage is the modular structure, which makes it very easy to extend one module to a long tunnel, bridge, stairwell, chimney or scaffolding construction. There are many variations of this form possible, but this one is special because all the tendons are equal in length (except three strings at both ends of the construction) which makes it easy to construct.

At the beginning of the development of the tensegrity (around 1950) one thought tensegrities could create an interesting building technique with which large structures could be made with relatively few material. Now, more than fifty years later, we must conclude that its practical applications turn out to be poor. I also have my doubts about the technical use of tensegrities but if I had to put money on a tensegrity model that has potential then it would be this "bridge".

This tensegrity is in comparison with other tensegrities even more efficient with its material. The few struts include a large volume and half the struts have only two strings at each end (instead of three or four, or even five).

It is an extraordinary tensegrity because of its square angles. In fact it tortures the definition of a tensegrity a bit. The definition describes a tensegrity as a discontinuous set of compressed components inside a continuum of tensioned components. In short: struts in a net of strings. But in this tensegrity half of the struts are at the boundary of the construction. With half the struts at the outside it's hard to say that they are inside a net of strings. But for those who are familiar with the bicycle wheel discussion, this construction has nothing to do with a bicycle wheel, and I think everyone will agree that this is a real tensegrity.

tensegrity 184 tensegrity 186
tensegrity 187
Marcelo Pars